simulatorWTC 2014 Truck RodeoWatsontown Trucking Company embraces a Culture of Safety in all aspects of our business, from work-injury-prevention training, to the most progressive, ongoing driver training in the industry.

From their first days at WTC, each of our drivers receives training in Defensive Driving, Hours of Service (HOS), and Compliance and Cargo Handling Securement. Training occurs year-round, through weekly, fleet-wide safety messages; monthly newsletter articles; quarterly, mandatory, online safety and simulator training; and quarterly safety meetings.

Drivers who meet our stringent safety criteria receive a quarterly safety bonus of up to $300 per quarter.

In addition, we have employed the most modern technology available in terms of in-cab driver safety, including electronic logging, for improved HOS compliance; collision-avoidance systems; rollover-protection systems; lane-departure warning systems; ABS braking; air-disc brakes; GPS tracking technology; and DriveCam, video-surveillance cameras.

All of our tractors have a governed road speed of 65 mph.

Watsontown Trucking is very proud of our workforce of safe and compliant drivers. Please click on the link to view our current CSA scores.

All WTC staff, including management, drivers, and dispatchers, participate in our Culture of Safety.