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nj trucking companies

Looking for top notch NJ trucking companies?

Trucking companies are a dime a dozen on the east coast, every state and region has them. But if you’re looking for one of the best NJ trucking companies, look no further than Watsontown Trucking Company in Central PA. Throughout its seventy year history, Watsontown Trucking Company has set a higher standard with every delivery they make.

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If you’re looking for one of the best NJ trucking companies that is also accountable, WTC is it.

WTC is a family-owned and 100% asset-based business that has daily routes to and from New Jersey and New York City. Our drivers, working for one of the most flexible NJ trucking companies, have the option to choose these routes, ensuring that confident drivers are placed in these major metropolitan areas.

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Watsontown Trucking Company’s fleet consists of over 235 trucks and 700 trailers that can carry virtually anything to anywhere in the continental U.S. Our fleet of Volvo Model 670 trucks, with automatic transmissions, is constantly being updated and maintained, with new equipment being purchased yearly. In 2011 alone, the WTC purchased thirty-five Model Year 2011 trucks. This makes WTC’s fleet one of the most up-to-date NJ trucking companies.

NJ Trucking Companies

While our drivers are in route to major metropolitan areas in NJ and NYC, our administrative staff, based in Milton, PA are constantly monitoring the trucks, so if a need arises, they can react quickly. While we pride ourselves on running the fleet at optimal performance, sometimes things come up. When they do, our home-based team is there. That makes WTC one of the most efficient and reliable NJ trucking companies.

Why Choose Watsontown Trucking?

  • 100% Asset-Based

Watsontown Trucking Company (WTC) is a family-owned, family-operated, 100% asset-based business. Since the fleet is owned, operated, and maintained in-house, we are experts on the fleet’s capabilities, routes, and opportunities to improve efficiency. This gives our customers a significant advantage. As one of the best NJ trucking companies, we are able to monitor the routes of our fleet closely, and look for opportunities to fill a partially vacant truck. This saves our customers time and money.

  •  70 Years in Business

WTC isn’t new to the trucking industry. In fact, the company started in 1941 as a coal and brick hauling company with just three trucks and three trailers. Today, it has grown into reputable, dependable business with a fleet of more than 235 trucks and 700 trailers, one of the largest NJ trucking companies, based in Central PA.

  •  Family-Owned

The company is based in Milton, PA in the same communities where the owners live and are raising their families.

  • Loyal Drivers

Nearly 30 of WTC’s drivers have been with the company for a decade or more. More than 20 drivers have earned the recognition of driving over one million miles. And that’s just the beginning. Their hard work and loyalty is rewarded with excellent compensation and benefits. WTC also employs an administrative staff of over 25 people to manage day-to-day operations of this, one of the best, NJ trucking companies.

  • Based in PA

The company is based in Milton, PA in the same communities where the owners are raising their families. Because WTC employees and management live in the communities where they work, the company gives back to the community in a variety of ways.

  • 48 Lower States + Canada

WTC runs routes every single week across the lower 48 states and into Canada. The company has particularly differentiated itself with regard to shipments east of the Mississippi. Regardless of your trucking needs, you can rest assured that your shipment will be delivered where it needs to be safely and on schedule.

  • Innovative Technology

At WTC, one of the most innovative NJ trucking companies, we’re always looking to improve fleet efficiency. Our team is innovative every day, with every delivery. Whether it’s improving fuel efficiency of the fleet, or utilizing satellite and EDI tracking, you can rest assured that your cargo is safe with us.

  • Accountability

As a customer, you need to know that your cargo is in safe hands, and will be delivered on time and within budget. WTC offers satellite EDI tracking on all loads, so the home office can easily track where shipments are on the road, and any issues that may arise. This gives our drivers peace of mind that if they have an issue, help is one the way. It also gives customers confidence that one of the best NJ trucking companies, WTC, will be held accountable for their cargo.