Fuel Efficiency

Anyone with a fleet of trucks knows that there is a science and art to fuel efficiency. WTC has an entire staff dedicated to increasing the fuel efficiency of the fleet – from adding and adjusting wind deflectors on the trucks, to monitoring tire pressure, the team is constantly measuring changes to fuel economy.

The unit shown employs several of the latest fuel efficiency techniques available in the industry.


Shown above, the 2013 model year Volvo truck is equipped with:

  • Volvo D13 power train with I shift (automatic) transmission technology. This engine/transmission combination works in unison to maximize the trucks power to the requirements of the job
  • ThermoKing TRIPAC auxiliary power unit that utilizes a 7 horsepower engine for idling purposes instead of the 485 horsepower main truck engine. These units use .02 of a gallon of diesel per hour fuel versus the main truck engine that uses 1.1 gallon of diesel fuel per hour. Annual fuel savings per year averages 2160 gallons of diesel fuel or $8200.00 plus numerous benefits to the environment.
  • Michelin Super Single truck tires that reduce rolling resistance (road friction) versus dual tires
  • Alcoa aluminum wheels that reduce weight
  • Fairing extenders and air tabs that increase air flow around the truck which improves the aerodynamic

The 2013 model year Great Dane trailer is equipped with:

  • TransTex trailer skirts and air tabs to increase air flow around the trailer which improves the aerodynamics
  • Michelin low rolling resistance trailer tires