groceryAs a primary carrier for one of North America‚Äôs leading food companies, with brands in 97 percent of America’s households, WTC has a proven track record of transporting non-perishable grocery items. While WTC does not offer shipping for perishable items like refrigerated or frozen goods, your non-perishable grocery items will be safe with us. Our cost-effective and consistent service means your products can move to the shelves in a timely fashion.

WTC offers solo truckload, team, dedicated, and time sensitive services for all industry areas.

Customers can also request to have trailer pools. This is a service where trailers are dropped off in advance, so customers can load the trucks at their convenience, increasing the productivity and efficiency at distribution centers.

Each truck is equipped with satellite tracking and EDI interfacing, a kind of onboard GPS and communication system. This innovative technology allows the home office can easily track where shipments are on the road, and any issues that may arise. This gives our drivers and customers peace of mind. We offer customers:

  • Proof of delivery
  • Personalized reporting, if requested
  • EDI order tendering and tracking
  • A proven, award-winning record of safety and sustainability