687A9687aWatsontown Trucking Company’s fleet comprises 360 tractors and 1020 trailers that transport goods throughout the United States and Canada. We continually upgrade and retire trucks and trailers to ensure that our fleet is never outdated. In the first seven months of 2014, WTC purchased 10 Volvo VNL 670 model over-the-road (OTR) tractors and 30 Mack CXU 613 daycabs. Our diversified equipment enables us to accommodate OTR travel lanes as well as the ability to deliver products in the most congested metropolitan areas of the country.

Watsontown Trucking is strongly committed to safety as well as the reduction of waste. All of our tractors are equipped with onboard telematics, including real-time GPS technology and diagnostic information. Our trucks are equipped with front-end-collision- and lane-departure warning systems. In addition, in 2014, we began installing onboard-drive cameras. Our commitments to safety and technology ensure that your goods arrive safely and on time. All of our OTR tractors are equipped with auxiliary power units (APUs). APUs reduce engine-idling time, decrease the amount of fuel used, and reduce the amount of emissions being placed into the environment.

Our fleet of trailers includes 775 53-foot long, 102-inch wide van trailers, each equipped with logistic posts. More than three-quarters of these trailers have a 101-inch, inside-opening width to serve our customers who require maximum trailer capacity. More than 95 percent of our trailers are fewer than 10 years old.

Our trailer fleet also includes 75 open-top van trailers that allow customers to load and unload their specialized goods easily with the use of a crane when the canvas-top roof of the trailer is removed.

In addition, we offer 13 53-foot-long flatbed trailers; 10 step deck flatbed trailers; one Conestoga flatbed; and one double-drop flatbed.

This diversification of equipment provides the flexibility we need to meet the needs and demands of all of our customers.

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