Family-Owned and 77 Years in Business

WTC is a family-owned, family-operated, 100% asset-based business.

WTC isn’t new to the trucking industry. In fact, the company started in 1941 with just three trucks and three trailers. Today, it has grown into a reputable, dependable business with a fleet of more than 360 trucks and 1020 trailers.

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Categories of Work

Watsontown Trucking Company offers five categories of work that drivers can choose from:

  1. Mid-Regional – Drivers in this category transport shipments along the Eastern seaboard and are home every weekend and on holidays. Drivers are normally set up on routes that depart from and return to the same location every day. Our starting pay is $19 per hour.
  2. Regional – Drivers transport cargo to and from customers east of the Mississippi and are normally home every weekend and on holidays. Mileages range between 2,000-3,000 miles per week. Starting pay is 40 cents/mile.
  3. Over the Road – Drivers are assigned to routes in excess of 600 miles and work away from home for 10-14 days at a time.
  4. Team Drivers – These drivers are assigned to routes that are conducive to allowing covering 1,000 miles in a 24-hour period with minimal delays. In many cases, drivers drive dedicated routes where loading and unloading times are consistent.
  5. Part Time – Drivers can choose the schedule and route that works best for themselves.


WTC is large enough that you can grow with the company, but small enough that we know you and your family. Our drivers are at the core of what we do and are a big reason we are able to take on the challenges others avoid. When you work for us, you can be proud of the company you represent.

Nearly 30 of WTC’s drivers have been with the company for a decade or more. More than 20 drivers have earned the recognition of driving over one million miles.

We provide strategic services including:

  • Solo truckload
  • Team opportunities
  • Dedicated contract carriage opportunities

Our drivers receive competitive pay and benefits, enjoy steady weekly miles, and drive well-maintained trucks with the latest technology.

Performance-Based Bonuses, Holiday and Vacation Pay

Our drivers are rewarded for efficiency and safety. Yearly bonuses are based on superior performance – that includes everything from how the trucks are driven (wear and tear), fuel efficiency and on-time deliveries.

Holiday pay and vacation pay are calculated based on a worker’s average weekly wage.

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Each truck is equipped with satellite tracking and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interfacing technologies. Satellite based systems allow us to fully monitor, track, and improve the performance of our fleet and efficiency of our client’s shipments. These innovative technologies also allow the home office to communicate with the driver, in case issues may arise. This gives our drivers peace of mind.

Drivers also have access to GPS routing in the trucks, so point-to-point directions can be sent to a specific truck. This gives our drivers confidence – so even if they are unfamiliar with an area, the home office can send detailed directions.

WTC also offers each employee a company cell phone, or will contribute to an employee’s personal cell phone plan.

WTC drivers are each assigned to a regional operations manager, guaranteeing one-on-one attention.

Maintenance24/7 On-Site Garage

22 experienced, highly trained technicians keep our equipment operational 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. They staff our new maintenance facility in Milton, PA.

All trucks are maintained on a schedule, so drivers need not worry about keeping track of what service needs to be done, and when. Maintenance ensures that our trucks perform at an optimal level at all times for our drivers.

Joel Karchner and FamilyEmployee Appreciation Days

WTC sees its employees as a part of their work family. Each year, the owners of the company invite all employees and their families to enjoy a day of family fun at Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, PA. The company purchases ride tickets for employees and their children, offers a catered meal, gives awards and gifts, and much more.

We look forward to having you join our team, and our work family.

Pictured: Joel Karchner and Family at Knoebels Amusement Resort

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